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Cruzeiro Esporte Clube  exchange program is a reference to offer a unique experience in the country of football. 

Program participants have the unrivaled opportunity to develop their skills, celebrate cultural differences and return home with great stories and new friends. Athletes from around the world can experience the day-to-day of a professional player in one of the best training centers in Brazil. 
The Cruzeiro Exchange Academy program is committed to the sporting and academic development of the participants, entering the athlete in an environment that combines social, cultural and educational values, preparing the human being as a whole to meet the challenges of the future, both on and off the field. 
Account exchange program with a private school, where the athlete combines academic studies and sports training. In Cruzeiro Academy Exchange Program, the future ace can develop fully, preparing for life while absorbing sports and scientific knowledge. 
The strong cultural integration is also a major focus of the program, because live with people around the world brings a great personal growth.


The ability of Brazilian football in developing athletes is unparalleled, with a view premature competitive environment that the player tries to start his sporting career, and this, plus factor in comparison with athletes training methods in other countries. By combining these skills with the physical structure, considered one of the country's best, committed to maintaining excellence in the education of exchange students, and direct contact of the young with other players in the lower grades and also professionals from a football club form the differential Cruzeiro Academy Exchange   program in relation to other available worldwide.


To be the best football academy program  in Brazil, joining the passion for football to excellence in our actions work, expanding the already extensive range of activities organized by the Cruzeiro Esporte Clube.


Offering high performance training program that provides participants the global learning in sports and contact with the professional sports everyday.


It represents 2.5% of the GDP;

It employs 1.5 million people;

Of the $ 250 billion that football moves a year worldwide, Brazil contributed US $ 32 billion. (Journal of the Professional Administrator)

"1176 Brazilian players were transferred to foreign clubs in 2008" (FIFA)

"Athletes Brazilians dominate the list of FIFA year's best: They took seven of the 15 awards already granted." (FIFA)

"Brazil is the country with the largest number of shares and bonds in World Cups (five)." (FIFA)


Types Program


Main objective: to improve the technical and tactical fundamentals, with attention to maintaining the physical condition.

Activities: develop activities with varying difficulty of specific technical skills and decision making.


Main objective: to improve the technical and tactical fundamentals of soccer, with attention to the development of physical abilities.

Activities: Develop activities with variations of difficulty of specific technical skills, decision making and exercises for developing strength, power, speed and endurance (specific mode).


Main objective: to determine conditions of realization of a training for building / training of sports performance, primarily with a view to the high competitive level performance sport at the appropriate age.

Activities: Develop activities with variations of difficulty of specific technical skills, decision making and exercises for developing strength, power, speed and endurance (specific mode).


INITIATION OR BASIC TRAINING GENERAL: acquisition of basic skills and learning of sports gestures, pleasant way, through general and varied coordinative exercises.

TRAINING SPORTS OR EXPERTISE: improvement of specific movements which includes participation in a gradual manner competitions.

HIGH PERFORMANCE: considerable increase in volume and intensity of training in order to obtain the best performance levels.

* The program will be set according to the needs of participating athlete.

Training Method

  • FOOTBALL is a sport that requires various physical qualities, so it is important for children to receive adequate basic training. We must be aware of the practices carried out improperly and without scientific basis.
  • Initiation of sport must comply with a true preparatory ritual. The child is a human being in constant growth and development in the physical, psychological and social aspects, and therefore necessary, the participation of professionals with academic knowledge capable, aware and responsible, who do not view the child as an ADULT IN MINIATURE .
  • Athletes who possess various qualities and, in addition, that differentiate them from other players is the way they use these qualities with a lot of creativity and a great power of improvisation , that is, are those that have a high ability to solve problems , we call ATHLETES INTELLIGENT.
  • The soccer methodology in CRUZEIRO ACADEMY EXCHANGE PROGRAM  has been something different and not only in specific exercise practices, but it is necessary to develop "tactical tasks" to ensure the formation of the smart player. The player to get the intelligence to play collectively and choosing the right decisions in unpredictable game situations.

"It is based on primitive concepts of action condition in the construction of a planned set of model-specific collective action, including creative, which includes all the basic levels of the athlete skills for training strategy (tactical, technical, physical, mini-games and collective) within the soccer game context. "

  • Also, before you think of planning, implementation of teaching methods (methods) and evaluation, we must think one infantojuvenil training program capable of forming a new DESIGN ATHLETE.
  • The proposal is a more widespread program committed to the formation of intelligent athletes (able to solve problems); competent athletes (who have skills to play sports); conscious athletes (who understand values, rules and ideas of sports) and enthusiastic athletes (who own behaviors and attitudes according to the sports culture).
  • The philosophy of INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF FOOTBALL offer participating athletes, excellent conditions for development in football, connected to a personal and social responsibility program, making athletes high sports performance responsible in sports and in life, help us in reflection of our didactic action in training (theory and practice). It is with this new vision of "ATHLETE" we will work with the football player.


Here are the items included in the package:

• Lodging at the Training Center of Cruzeiro EC
• 04 daily meals (menu created by sports nutritionist)
• Transfer Confins airport-Belo Horizonte / Toca da Raposa   and Toca da Raposa / Confins Airport - Belo Horizonte done by private bus or car .
• Cruzeiro Hotel - accommodation in multiple room (2 players per room) with bathroom, air conditioning and fan
• Tactical, physical and technical daily trainings
• Medical and physiotherapy monitoring
• Media Center (TV, internet, video game)
• Internet WI-FI throughout complex
• Uniforms (shorts / shirts / socks)
• Health and dental care insurance
• Friendly matches
• Cultural programs (once a week)
• Recreational activities
• Gaming room and pool
• Internal transportation
• Certificate of participation
• Cruzeiro EC technical staff Monitoring
• Protected Area
• Safe Environment
• Laundry


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